The Beaufort Historical Association Pages

The Beaufort Historical Association is a private, non-profit organization that owns and operates the Beaufort Historic Site and seeks to preserve and interpret the historic buildings and artifacts from Beaufort's past 3 centuries.

Map of Beaufort and BHA Grounds

Beaufort, NC  was settled in 1709 and is North Carolina's third oldest town.  It began as a fishing village and an important Atlantic seaport and was named after Henry Somerset, Duke of Beaufort.  The town was surveyed in 1713 and was incorporated in 1723 as has been the seat of Carteret County since that time.  

Street names relect the early development of the Town;  Ann Street for Queen Anne, Craven Street for the Earl of Craven, Moore Street for Colonel Maurice Moore of South Carolina who gave help in the Indian Wars, Queen Street again for Queen Anne,  Pollock Street for the then governor of North Carolina,  Turner Street for the landowner that owned much of the surveyed town property and Orange Street for William, Prince of Orange who became William III.